Semi Truck Repair Service Providers in Rhode Island (RI)

Semi Truck Repair Service Providers in Rhode Island (RI)

Semi Truck Repair Service Providers in Rhode Island (RI)

Gearhead Garage(401) 324-9900AshawayRhode Island
The Fixers Truck Clinic(401) 648-0933BarringtonRhode Island
Wrench Wizards(401) 324-9900BradfordRhode Island
Truck Medic(401) 648-0933BristolRhode Island
Precision Performance(401) 324-9900Central FallsRhode Island
Honest Mechanics(401) 648-0933CharlestownRhode Island
Motor City Magic (401) 324-9900CoventryRhode Island
The Semi Truck Spa(401) 324-9900CranstonRhode Island
Clutch Performance(401) 648-0933CumberlandRhode Island
Peak Performance Truck(401) 324-9900East GreenwichRhode Island
Reliable Repair(401) 648-0933East ProvidenceRhode Island
The Lube Lounge (401) 324-9900ExeterRhode Island
The Truck Oasis (401) 648-0933FosterRhode Island
Zip Zap Zoom Truck Repair(401) 324-9900GreenvilleRhode Island
All Stop Truck(401) 324-9900HarrisvilleRhode Island
The Semi Truck Experts(401) 648-0933Hope ValleyRhode Island
Scotty's Speed Truck Shop (401) 324-9900HopkintonRhode Island
A+ Truck Service(401) 648-0933JamestownRhode Island
The Pit Semi Truck Crew (401) 324-9900JohnstonRhode Island
Import Authority Truck Repair and Parts(401) 648-0933KingstonRhode Island
Bumper to Bumper Repair(401) 324-9900LincolnRhode Island
The Wrench in the Truck Works (401) 324-9900Little ComptonRhode Island
Complete Semi Truck Semi Truck(401) 648-0933MiddletownRhode Island
The Semi Truck Whisperers (401) 324-9900NarragansettRhode Island
Master Truck Mechanics(401) 648-0933NewportRhode Island
Next Level Truck(401) 324-9900North KingstownRhode Island
The Tire Exchange(401) 648-0933North ProvidenceRhode Island
The Midas Semi Truck Touch (401) 324-9900North SmithfieldRhode Island
Smokey's Garage Truck and Trailer(401) 324-9900PascoagRhode Island
Certified Truck Repair(401) 648-0933PawtucketRhode Island
The Highway Helpers(401) 324-9900PortsmouthRhode Island
Eco Tune Truck Repairs(401) 648-0933ProvidenceRhode Island
The Truck Gearheads (401) 324-9900SmithfieldRhode Island
All American Truck Tires Repair(401) 648-0933TivertonRhode Island
The Semi Truck Clinic(401) 324-9900WakefieldRhode Island
The Tune Up Shop(401) 324-9900WarrenRhode Island
Wrench Heads United(401) 648-0933WarwickRhode Island
The Semi Truck Tire Repair Saviors(401) 324-9900West GreenwichRhode Island
Honest Abe's Truck Repair(401) 648-0933West WarwickRhode Island
Grease Monkey Truck Garage(401) 324-9900WesterlyRhode Island
The Reliable Ride(401) 648-0933WoonsocketRhode Island

Don't Let a Breakdown Slow Your Rhode Island Roll! Our Mobile Repair Gets You Back on the Road Fast

Truckers in Rhode Island, keep rolling with our 24/7 mobile repair services! A flat tire, engine trouble, or trailer malfunction won't stop you for long. We'll get you back on the road quickly and affordably, minimizing downtime and keeping your deliveries on schedule.

Here's Why We're Your Trusted Partner:

  • Rapid Response: Our technicians are dispatched promptly to minimize your wait time on the side of the road.
  • Expert Crew Onboard: No repair is too big or too small for our certified and experienced team.
  • Fully Equipped Mobile Unit: We bring the workshop to you, eliminating the need for towing and saving you time and money.
  • Extensive Service Range: From routine maintenance to major repairs, we can handle everything your truck or trailer needs.
  • 24/7 Availability: We're here for you, day or night, to ensure minimal disruption and keep your business moving forward.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

  • Engine & Drivetrain Repair: We diagnose and fix engine issues, transmissions, differentials, and more.
  • Electrical System Repair: We tackle electrical problems, faulty wiring, and lighting malfunctions.
  • Brake System Repair: We ensure your brakes are functioning properly for safe operation.
  • Suspension & Chassis Repair: We maintain optimal performance and safety with suspension and chassis repairs.
  • Trailer Repair: We address any trailer concern, from brakes and doors to electrical systems.
  • Tire Services: We provide installation, repair, and roadside assistance for commercial truck and trailer tires.
  • And More!: We offer additional specialized services like reefer trailer repair, heavy-duty towing, and mobile welding. Just ask!

Don't wait on the side of the Rhode Island road. Call us today for a quick and reliable solution to your truck repair needs!

P.S. We are committed to providing competitive rates and exceptional customer service. Contact us for a free quote!

Rhode Island Roads

  • Interstate Highways in Rhode Island

Interstate 95 (I-95)

  • US Highways in Rhode Island

US 1 Rhode Island, Direction: S-N, Length: 57 milesUS 6 Rhode IslandUS 1A Rhode IslandUS 44 Rhode Island, Direction: W-E, Length: 236.7 milesUS 6A Rhode Island
RI State RoutesRhode Island Route 2Rhode Island Route 3, Direction: S-N, Length: 30.1 milesRhode Island Route 4, Direction: S-N, Length: 10.37 milesRhode Island Route 5, Direction: S-N, Length: 26.0 milesRhode Island Route 7Rhode Island Route 10, Direction: S-N, Length: 5.0 milesRhode Island Route 12Rhode Island Route 14, Direction: W-E, Length: 23.1 milesRhode Island Route 15, Direction: W-E, Length: 8.3 milesRI 1A, Direction: S-N, Length: 39.6 milesRhode Island Route 24, Direction: S-N, Length: 7.7 milesRhode Island Route 37, Direction: W-E, Length: 3.47 milesRhode Island Route 51, Direction: S-N, Length: 5.4 milesRhode Island Route 78, Direction: W-E, Length: 4.4 milesRhode Island Route 81Rhode Island Route 91, Length: 12 milesRhode Island Route 94Rhode Island Route 96Rhode Island Route 98Rhode Island Route 99, Direction: S-N, Length: 2.9 milesRhode Island Route 100Rhode Island Route 101, Length: 9.7 milesRhode Island Route 102Rhode Island Route 103Rhode Island Route 104Rhode Island Route 107Rhode Island Route 108, Direction: S-N, Length: 8.6 milesRhode Island Route 110, Length: 6.1 milesRhode Island Route 112, Length: 8.5 milesRhode Island Route 113Rhode Island Route 114, Direction: S-N, Length: 45.7 milesRhode Island Route 115Rhode Island Route 116Rhode Island Route 117, Direction: W-E, Length: 2.3 milesRhode Island Route 118, Direction: W-E, Length: 5.5 milesRhode Island Route 120Rhode Island Route 122Rhode Island Route 123, Direction: W-E, Length: 7.7 milesRhode Island Route 126, Direction: S-N, Length: 14.3 milesRhode Island Route 128, Direction: S-N, Length: 3.1 milesRhode Island Route 136Rhode Island Route 138, Direction: W-N, Length: 4.7 milesRhode Island Route 146, Direction: S-N, Length: 16.2 milesRhode Island Route 152, Direction: S-N, Length: 14.8821 milesRhode Island Route 165Rhode Island Route 177Rhode Island Route 179Rhode Island Route 216, Direction: S-N, Length: 8.1 milesRhode Island Route 238, Direction: S-N, Length: 1.5 milesRhode Island Route 246Rhode Island Route 401, Direction: W-E, Length: 2.2 milesRhode Island Route 402Rhode Island Route 403, Direction: W-E, Length: 4.5 milesRI 103ARI 114ARI 117ARI 138ARI 146A